Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language

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Dative case

Person’s state and conditions with infinitives and things. Continue reading

Dative case

I gave a book to my friend - Я дал книгу (acc.) другу (dat.); It answers the questions to whom / to what. We speak about the recipient of the action. Continue reading

Pronunciation of Russian Hard and Soft Sound L

При произношении твёрдой буквы [л] кончик языка поднимается к верхним передним зубам и к началу верхнего нёба (альвеол). Continue reading

Russian Tongue-Twisters

37 tongue-twisters (Skorogovorki) with sound and translation for the learners of Russian as a foreign language. Continue reading

About the courses of Russian language

The courses of Russian as a foreign language with Maxim Achkasov take place online. The teacher mainly works with learners individually as he believes that each person must receive maximum time for practice and obtain professional attention while learning a foreign language. Continue reading